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Sweet bengali nicknames

Maybe time to give it a spin again? Angels are beautiful, and they will always have your back, and it is a cute nickname for a wife. Do they even print them anymore? Bablu An old one, more popular among Tier II cities. We will surely add it to the list of top Indian baby nicknames. Gopu We did tease a lot of children who were named Gopu!

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Sweet bengali nicknames

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  1. Bengali baby names sound sweet and are inspired by deities, nature, and influential figures. Here's a blend of traditional and modern Bengali names.

  2. Aug 5, - Bengali Mothers and the entire family pour all their love in the nickname of their child. It may range from Goblu, Moblu, Tuki, Taki, Tia, Ria, Moto, Mhoto, magdalenaprzybysz.com etc., anything you can think of. Some of the very common names that I can think of are Pakhi, Shona, Mona, Tukai, Babai, Babu, Potai, Puchki, etc. magdalenaprzybysz.com are some very rare Bengali girl names?

  3. Bengali Girl Names» Means» Sweet. Jia Sweet Heart; Heartbeat; Lively; Mou Honey; Sweet. Pal Moment of Life; Every Movement; Jiya Sweet Heart; Life; Lucky; A Piece Kuhu The Sweet Note of the Bird. Lija Sweet; Beautiful. Monu Soft; Pretty; Sweet. Myra Swift and Light;.

  4. Jump to Bengali Indian Nicknames - Sweet Bengali Nicknames. Babai Babi Babushona Bapi Bappa Bhotai Bhote Bhutai Bubai Bubu Buro Daba.

  5. Jan 23, - Every baby deserves a special nickname! Here are 81 Cute Indian Baby Nicknames; Top Indian Baby . Again, a nice Bengali touch!

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